CONSULTING - Rethinking the traditional business will lead to success

Due to the competencies of the partners and employees of the S.U.L.T.A.N. Trade GmbH as well as its partner company, we can offer a broad array of services. In line with our overall client approach we offer the classic elements of consulting, including:

  • Strategy development
  • Restructuring/Reorganization (core process redesign, personnel structure, company organization)
  • Market entrance studies and strategic marketing
  • Sales stimulation/Cost cutting/Head count reduction, Purchasing Potential Analyses
  • Location Marketing & Promotion
  • eBusiness and eCommerce concepts
  • Entrepreneurship (Start up consulting)

Example Location Marketing: In our aggressive location marketing approach such as Seaports and Free Trade Zones, we develop and submit to potential investors detailed project proposals which fit into their product portfolio and overall strategy. These proposals promote the relevant site and offer concrete arguments to potential investors for selecting certain sites. We maintain permanent contact with the potential investor in order to be well informed about the status of the decision making process and facilitate the potential investments until they begin production.

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