LOGISTICS - Only the best service from our faithful fisherman to our satisfied customer


1 - Catch
The fish is being caught by using traditional fishing methods and directly put in fresh ice.

2 - Landing on site
Just after landing the fish is being checked by the supplier (first quality check) and transported in cooling trucks to the nearby fish processing factory.

3 - Processing
Upon arrival the fish quality and temperature is checked by the production manager of the factory (second quality check) . According to customer demands the fish is being processed ,gutted, filets or steaks, and finally packed for transport with fresh ice or gel ice.

4 - Quality control
Before transportation health and quality of the fresh fish is checked and tested by the health department (third quality check).


5 - Transportation
Transported in chilled containers and put into the chilling compartment of the cargo facilities of the airline. Flown to destination.

6 - Arrival
Having arrived at its destination the fresh fish is stored in the perishable centre of the airport at exactly 0° to 2° C. Again, the fish is being checked by the local health department (fourth quality check) and for prepared for customs clearing.

7 - Logistic
If required, our professional logistic partners repack the fresh fish into smaller units, reice and store it and transport it to the required destination (please ask our sales agent for transport prices).

8 - Arrival at Customer
After each shipment our sales manager will check on its customers satisfaction of the received goods.

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